Mung Beans (Moong Daal)
Mung Beans (Moong Daal)
Mung Beans (Moong Daal)
Mung Beans (Moong Daal)

Mung Beans (Moong Daal)

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Whole Mung Beans (Moong Daal) 

Mung beans have been used in a huge number of different cuisines and cultures for centuries, and with the moment that plant-based cooking is having, they’re having the light shone on them once more.

Our mung beans are perfect for cooking on the stove top, in an appliance, or even for sprouting in your own home. They’re extremely versatile little things, and they take on a lot of the flavors that you put them with. For example, cooking mung beans in a coriander- and cumin-heavy curry will make them taste like those herbs - how delicious!

You can eat the little legumes sprouted, fresh, and raw! When they’re eaten that way that taste, for want of a better term, very clean and crisp - they’re effortlessly light. When they’ve been cooked, they take on some wonderfully earthy, hearty notes, ideal for stews or large meals with the family on a winter’s night. Mung beans will always take on the flavor of what you chose to cook them with - both sweet and savoury.

The process of sprouting your lentils is exactly what it sounds like - it’s the process of allowing your lentils to germinate slightly before you eat them. You can do that without wonderful mung beans - and we’d encourage it! It’s a taste sensation that a lot of people haven’t tried before or recently, so give it a go!

To sprout your mung beans, you can soak them overnight, before rinsing and draining. Then, keep them in a dark, warm place to allow for sprouting. Typically this process takes two to three days, but you can shorten that to one day if you have an instant pot! There are plenty of guides online, and we’d recommend checking them out!

Sprouting legumes might sound a little pointless - we get that. However, it’s anything but! The sprouting process can change the composition of the legumes. It alters the nutrients within the beans and makes them easier to digest. Sprouting breaks down phytic acid in beans, which is a substance that makes food harder to digest while also reducing the bio-availability of nutrients within the beans.

Give our mung beans a go soon, we’re really proud of the flavor and versatility of our wonderful produce!

Ingredients: Mung Beans.

Storage: Store in a cool dry area away from light and heat and please keep out of sight and reach of children.

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