About Us

Madparadiso celebrates our mad love of the earth’s sumptuous natural flavours, experiences, and treasures and the paradise they create.

Our company was founded out of passion for beautiful vegan cuisine and life-giving herbs and spices from around the world. We’re known to have a bit of an obsession with turmeric that runs as deep as the vibrant amber colour in each dash of the ancient spice. To our minds, there’s nothing better than a richly-spiced dish popping with that famous yellow hue!

Our journey began in 2019, when as a married couple we decided to sell our house and leave our jobs to travel in Asia for 6 months. We had no concrete travel plans. It was just us, our two backpacks and our devices as we set off on an 8,000 mile journey that started in Bali and ended almost a year later in India.

We admit it was more than a little crazy. But you only live once, and we believe good things come when you take calculated risks to pursue your dreams. As a couple, we were ready to face new challenges, meet new people, create our own projects and scratch things off our bucket lists. We knew only one thing at that time; We wanted to travel freely, taste new cuisines, and explore the incredible riches of our planet and her people.

The more we experienced of our world, the more we wanted to share our discoveries. So we started Madparadiso to provide a platform for telling our story and providing a small window into our adventures.

Eventually, we landed back at home in the UK after visiting India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Myanmar. In the meantime, what started as a travel and food blog, providing us with an outlet for finding and sharing the world's best vegetarian recipes, was gradually morphing into something bigger.

Our humble little blog has grown into an eCommerce store to supply the Madparadiso blog’s fans with the spices they are craving. Our authentic, handcrafted Indian turmeric and black pepper capsules are Vegan, Halal and Kosher friendly and contain anti-inflammatory compounds known to promote holistic health. We recently released our new product, our turmeric chai latte, which consists of hand blended black pepper and India's finest ground ginger and turmeric powder.

We adore turmeric, ginger and black pepper in all its forms and we are always striving to fill our life with more of it! We are always on the hunt for the next best way to incorporate the golden spice. Turmeric isn’t quite like other spices. It’s layered with goodness, from its Earthy flavor to its vibrant colour to the way it is known to treat a host of common ailments, boost brain power, promote heart health, and improve overall wellness.

We love the things we discover so much about the Golden Spice, that we figured others would benefit as well from what we learn. Whether you are eager to try a new turmeric product in one of our vegan recipes or want to see for yourself the healing power of a potent turmeric product, you’ll love browsing our user-friendly online blog. We can’t wait for you to discover your next favourite spice, as we advance our larger mission to fight climate change, promote cross-cultural unity, and achieve balance in mind, body and soul.

Peace & Love always.