What Is Turmeric and Why Is It Good For You?

If you ever had a warm bowl of yellow curry, then you know turmeric, the plant’s orange-hued root, gives the famous Indian dish its color. But turmeric is much more than that. It has found a place in the kitchen as a flavoring and coloring all-natural agent, but it’s also incredibly healthy. It comes as no surprise that traditional medicine has used turmeric for thousands of years.

What is turmeric? And why should you add it to your diet? Here’s all you wanted to know about turmeric and all its uses. 

Anyways, what is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a flowering plant found in the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia. It loves warm tropical weather. Actually, turmeric is closely related to other well-known aromatic plant, ginger.

The turmeric plant is widely prized for its rhizome or starchy root, which is harvested, dried and often ground into a fine powder instantly recognizable for its bright orange color. In the kitchen, turmeric adds peppery, slightly mustardy flavors to food along with a pleasing bitterness and warm aromas, but what has everyone talking about turmeric right now are its health benefits.

Why is Turmeric Good For You?

Turmeric is a superfood in its own right, not only for being super delicious but also for being good for your health. The name of the game is curcumin, that’s the bio-active compound in turmeric that has taken the world of medicine by storm.

Curcumin has two key virtues, the first one is that it’s a potent antioxidant. You want to consume antioxidants because they bind with the potentially harmful free radicals floating in your bloodstream, which can cause cell damage, premature aging, and several other maladies. 

The second significant health benefit in curcumin is its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is one of our bodies’ natural responses to threats, it’s a way of over-irrigating with blood and nutrients damaged tissue, as when you suffer a sprained ankle. The problem comes with chronic inflammation, when your body reacts as if threatened for no reason, causing bloating, joint pain, and even circulatory diseases and cancer. Consuming turmeric regularly can prevent and reduce such inflammation. 

More scientific studies are on their way, but turmeric could help prevent and treat other diseases like Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

How to Make The Most Out Of Turmeric?

Adding powdered turmeric to your stews, broth, soups, juices, and smoothies is an effective and easy (and tasty) way of adding turmeric to your diet. Still, curcumin supplements are widely available, too, and could make a significant change in your overall health. 

As with many other health compounds, curcumin works better when combined with other molecules, in this case, piperine, the bio-active compound in black pepper. According to some studies, consuming the compounds together can help your body absorb up to 2000% percent more curcumin than when ingested on its own. 

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