What Is Black Pepper? And Why You Should Use It More Often

We all know black pepper, we season our salads and burgers with it, we crack some fresh black peppercorns over our pasta, and even dust it over our fires.

Black pepper is ubiquitous. Together with salt, it dresses the tables of restaurants and our homes. Unlike salt, though, which is only a flavour enhancer, black pepper adds its personality to food. 

Interestingly, although we use it every day, we know little about it, but that changes today. Here’s all you wanted to know about black pepper. 

What is Black Pepper

What Is Black Pepper, Really?

We commonly use black Pepper as powdered black peppercorns, which are actually the fruits of a black pepper plant. Yes, you read that right, black pepper is a fruit!

The black pepper plant is native to southern India, although today it’s grown in many tropical regions. In fact, most black pepper comes from Vietnam. They produce one-third of the world’s pepper.

Black pepper was one of the most famous spices in the ancient world and was traded through ships and camels from Asia to Europe. 

The spice is not only tasty, but it also has lots of health benefits, and traditional medicine has used it for centuries to treat several maladies. Here are the most common health benefits of black pepper.

Why is Black Pepper Good For You?

  • Black pepper is jam-packed with antioxidants. The compounds that neutralize free radicals floating in our bloodstream. The unstable scavenger molecules can damage our body tissue at a cellular level and even affect our DNA.
  • Piperine, the bioactive compound present in black pepper, is a potent anti-inflammatory. Chronic inflammation, an unnatural response of our bodies against generalized health threats, is responsible for most modern illnesses and sicknesses, from joint pain to hypertension, heart disease and cancer. 
  • Positive results in studies linking piperine with brain health, cognitive function and memory, means that the molecule could prevent conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Piperine could also improve insulin sensitivity by helping your body metabolize sugar, reducing blood sugar levels. This is important to prevent diseases like diabetes and kidney damage. 
  • Studies have shown piperine can reduce the growth rate of cancer cells and could be effective against drug-resistant cancer tumors. Scientists need to assess more studies, but the results so far are promising. 


How To Make The Most Out Of Black Pepper

Bioactive compounds that have positive benefits on our health rarely work alone. Most of the health benefits of minerals and other molecules depend on others to interact with our body functions.

In the case of black pepper, it is increasingly more effective health-wise when combined with curcumin, the bioactive compound in the spicy and aromatic rhizome turmeric. The most effective piperine supplements are now sold as a combination of turmeric’s curcumin and piperine. 

The brightly orange-colored turmeric is incredibly healthy, too; it's an antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory making curcumin black pepper’s ideal partner. Check out our whole black pepper corns in our shop!

Black pepper benefits madparadiso vegan capsules

Add Some Spice To Your Life!

Black pepper is healthy, yes, but it’s also delicious! Add spicy, fragrant aromas to your food, and add piperine supplements to your diet.

Check out our authentic Indian turmeric and black pepper capsules!These golden beauties are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and also halal and kosher friendly! Take 1-3 a day with water, preferably 30 minutes before food or 2 hours after a meal. Taking these capsules daily, not only comes with many health benefits, but it's also a great way to consume both black pepper and turmeric. 

You are what we eat, and food is nature’s medicine, so make the most out of black pepper and live a healthier, fuller life. :)