Turmeric In Unexpected Recipes

Turmeric is one of the most ubiquitous spices on the face of the Earth. It can be found everywhere! Typically, it finds its place in either alternative medicine or traditional Indian cuisine. It wouldn’t be out of place, for example, in a tikka masala.

That said, where else can it be used? We know it can be found in some unconventional non-culinary places, but what alternative foods can it be used in? Are there any which are odd, or rare? You bet!

In this article, we’re going to talk about two odd recipes that we’ve found that both feature turmeric right at the forefront. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Upside down orange and turmeric cake

Upside Down Orange Turmeric Cake

Orange is a delicious ingredient that can be found in an awful lot of desserts. That said, if you were asked to pair it with a flavour, you’d probably pick chocolate. Instead, this recipe favours turmeric, and you end up with a beautiful orange sponge that enrobes some juicy orange slices.

This recipe is actually fairly straightforward to make.

As it’s an upside-down cake, we must start with the topping. Begin by peeling and slicing a few oranges, and then lay the slices onto the bottom of a deep cake tin. Ideally, you want to leave as little open space as possible.

When your oranges are in place, you need to make up the sponge for the rest of the cake. The sponge mixture is fairly standard apart from one very unusual step: you need to make turmeric milk. Most sponge recipes will involve some small amount of liquid, and this one is no different. Here, you must take the milk you may otherwise have added to the sponge, and heat it with turmeric. After mixing thoroughly, add it to your sponge, and mix everything until it’s completely homogenous.

Then, pour your batter over the orange slices, tap on the counter to remove any bubbles, and bake it at 170˚C for thirty to forty minutes. Allow it to cool, and then turn it out and slice!

fermented nut cheese

Fermented Nut Cheese

Yes, you read that right: fermented nut cheese.

This recipe is a concept that was completely new to us until we started researching for this article. It turns out that a lot of people who have a plant-based diet eat cheese made out of nut milk which has been fermented, making it - in everything but ingredients - cheese.

This is a great recipe for a basic fermented nut cheese, to which you can add your flavourings. A classic pairing, so we’re told, is turmeric and nutritional yeast. It’s easy to see why the yeast is there: nutritional yeast has long been hailed by vegans for its cheesy flavour and plant-based origins.

Firstly, you must soak the nuts of your choice for six to eight hours. Rinse, and then add them to a blender with water and a probiotic capsule. Mix until smooth. Transfer the mixture to cheesecloth, and wrap tightly before allowing to ferment at room temperature for thirty-six hours. Once fermented, add your flavourings and adjust to taste. Bear in mind that the flavour of the cheese will develop as it ages. Transfer your cheese to a sheet of parchment, and roll into a tight log shape. Store in an airtight container in your fridge for four to six days. Then, it’s ready to eat! Transfer it to a fresh sheet of parchment paper and enjoy it within four to five days.

Fermented nut cheese is a completely new concept to us, but whether you’ve tried it before or this would be your first attempt - it’s sure to be an experience. Turmeric is a delicious flavour, and we imagine that when paired with nutritional yeast in that way, it would be bursting with cheesy delightfulness.

Turmeric is an incredibly versatile spice, and if these two recipes don’t prove that to you, we don’t know what will! One is a cake, and one is a piece of cheese, for goodness’ sake! If you decide to try these recipes, please tag us if you post on social media. We love to see what people are getting up to with turmeric, and we’d love to see the results of any turmeric experiments!

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