Where Is Turmeric Used In Modern Times?

Turmeric has been around for thousands of years, and it’s been a part of a huge number of things during that time. It has its place in many different traditional religious ceremonies, as well as recipes passed down through families over the course of several generations. In the course of this article, we’re going to talk about a few more modern uses of turmeric, and how it might be used in the future.

Spice in food and drink

Okay, we know this one’s obvious, but it’s the truth, so we’re going to write about it!

Turmeric has been used in different dishes for thousands of years, but there are new recipes with turmeric in them that are cropping up all the time!

A big trend that’s cropped up with the recent advent of the fancy coffee shop is a turmeric latte. Also referred to as ‘golden milk’, the drink is made by mixing milk into turmeric powder in order to enjoy the taste and the restorative effects. Typically, coconut milk is used as the flavor pairs particularly well with turmeric.

Turmeric Latte


Goodness knows there are an awful lot of supplements out there. The truth is that people are just now beginning to appreciate the idea of an alternative, natural remedy for their more minor health concerns. Typically, this is done because people prefer the idea of regularly taking something which is completely natural, as it is much less likely to have any side effects when compared to an artificial, chemical-based drug.

Turmeric capsules are a particularly popular supplement at the moment, and typically they are made up of a blend of turmeric powder and some other chemical which increases turmeric’s natural bioavailability. Often, this is piperine, a natural extract of black pepper, as it has been found to be very effective, while also remaining entirely natural.

Turmeric and black pepper vegan capsules


Turmeric’s many different health benefits have been widely studied over the thousands of years that it’s been available. In more recent times, research has begun into how turmeric’s active ingredient (curcumin) can have a number of powerful medical uses.

There is clinical evidence to support the fact that curcumin is antibacterial. It has long been a tradition for people to sprinkle their meat with turmeric the night before they want to cook it in order to clean it, but only recently have these antibacterial properties truly come to the forefront.

There is also limited evidence to support the use of curcumin in targeted, alternative cancer treatment. Curcumin has been shown to be effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells at many different stages during the growth of a tumor. The fact that curcumin is a natural (and apparently effective) alternative means that it’s likely to receive a lot of research in the coming years.

Turmeric is used for a wide variety of thighs the world over, and new usages are being discovered every day. I hope that during the course of this article, we’ve been able to teach you a little about the new things that are being done with turmeric out there.

Turmeric in medicine