Black Pepper’s Health Benefits

Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices the world over. It serves to accentuate nearly any dish and is one of the seasonings that find their way onto millions of plates every single mealtime. That said, what health benefits does it have?

Black Pepper’s Health Benefits On Its Own

Black pepper has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, as it has a high concentration of potent, beneficial plant compounds. Here are some of the big benefits of black pepper:

One health benefit of black pepper is that it’s super high in antioxidants! Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage your cells. Some free radicals are made completely naturally, for example when you exercise, or when you digest food. Other free radicals can be generated through exposure to things like pollution and cigarette smoke. Antioxidants serve to combat these free radicals in your system, and piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper, has been shown to have particularly potent antioxidant properties. In laboratory studies, rats that were fed black pepper extract alongside a high-fat diet were shown to have less free radical damage than rats who had the high-fat diet alone.

Black pepper also appears to have anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation is an underlying factor in a number of diseases, from arthritis to cancer. There are many different lab studies which suggest that piperine may effectively fight inflammation. In rat studies, for one example, treatment with piperine resulted in less joint swelling and fewer blood markers of inflammation, while in mouse studies, the same chemical suppressed inflammation in the airways. These could be great natural treatments for arthritis and asthma respectively, but at the moment, the anti-inflammatory effects of black pepper have not yet been studied effectively in people.

Black Pepper health benefits

Black Pepper’s Health Benefits When Paired With Turmeric

There is one major health benefit of pairing black pepper and turmeric together: bioavailability. 

Let’s say that, for example, someone offers you fifty liters of water. That doesn’t really mean much if all you’ve got to carry it in is a thimble. This can be the case when taking turmeric with no additional supplements: the turmeric has a lot to offer, but your body simply cannot accept it all at once. Black pepper increases the bioavailability of the turmeric, meaning that your body will be able to absorb it much more easily. To follow my earlier example, it’s as though the black pepper bought an empty tank along to help transport all the water.

For this reason, we’re proud to offer our blend of turmeric and black pepper capsules which are sure to offer a large number of benefits to your system through the turmeric, while also using the black pepper to help your system effectively absorb it.

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Black pepper really is a wonder spice, and it can help out with a huge number of different conditions and symptoms. Make sure to check out our finest quality whole black pepper corns in our shop!